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Workshop on Nanoscale Acoustics
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Workshop Schedule

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Speaker Title
March 24, 2021
Quantum acoustics/mechanics and quantum photonics
9:45am-10:00am Kavir Dass (USAF) and Andrew Cleland (UChicago) Introduction and Welcome
Session 1
10:00am-10:20am Per Delsing (Chalmers) Acoustically-coupled giant atoms
10:20am-10:40am Audrey Bienfait (ENS Lyon) Phonon-mediated quantum state transfer and interferometry
10:40am-11:00am Yiwen Chu (ETH) Quantum electro- and optomechanics with bulk acoustic wave resonators
Session 2
11:00am-11:20am Oskar Painter (Caltech) An integrated superconducting qubit to optical transducer
11:20am-11:40am Peter Rakich (Yale) Towards quantum phononics using bulk acoustic wave resonators
11:40am-noon Paul Seidler Alternative material platforms for microwave-optical transduction
March 25, 2021
Acoustics, optoacoustics & nanomechanics
9:55am-10:00am Kavir Dass (USAF) and Andrew Cleland (UChicago) Welcome
Session 1
10:00am-10:20am Simon Gröblacher (TU Delft) Quantum acoustics experiments
10:20am-10:40am Amir Safavi-Naeini (Stanford) Developing piezoelectric lithium niobate quantum nanodevices
10:40am-11:00am Adrian Bachtold (ICFO Barcelona) Nanotube mechanical resonators - tiny electron forces and few quanta of vibrations
Session 2
11:00am-11:20am Jeremy Robinson (NRL) Acoustic cavities in 2D layered materials
11:20am-11:40am Eva Weig (TU Munich) Two-tone spectroscopy of a nonlinear nanomechanical resonator: amplification and squeezing
11:40am-noon Clivia Sotomayor-Torres and D. Navarro Urrios (ICN2 Barcelona) Thermal transport and control of the nonlinear dynamics of single and coupled OM crystals
March 26, 2021
Metamaterials, thermal acoustics & thermal quanta
9:55am-10:00am Kavir Dass (USAF) and Andrew Cleland (UChicago) Welcome
Session 1
10:00am-10:20am Jukka Pekola (Aalto) Quantum heat transport by thermal microwave photons
10:20am-10:40am Alexander Balandin (UC Riverside) Engineering phonon spectrum via quantum confinement, dopant incorporation and atomic-layer twisting
10:40am-11:00am Sina Najmaei (ARL) Phonon properties and thermal management schemes in layered hafnium disulfide
Session 2
11:00am-11:20am Bernd Gotsmann (IBM Zurich) Phonon thermal transport through quantum channels
11:20am-11:40am Ali Shakouri (Purdue) Engineering of heat flow in nanoscale devices
11:40am-noon Kavir Dass (USAF) and Andrew Cleland (UChicago) Closing remarks


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